Lean Longhorn Beef

Our cattle are grass-fed and naturally raised


Allow our Longhorn cattle to eat naturally on grassy pastures.
Provide fresh water free choice.
Provide salt, minerals, natural feed supplements and vitamins "free choice" If the cattle need them, they eat them.
Vaccinate calves and cattle against certain life threatening diseases.
Feed baled hay when grass is not available. No preservatives are sprayed on the baled hay.
Have our beef prepared at small butcher shops that are USDA approved and inspected.
Vacuum wrap all of our grass fed beef products, one item per package. This has the following advantages:
      -Select as few or as many items as you would like for each meal
      -Place in the freezer as wrapped
      -Longer shelf life
      -Ready for quick thawing in cool water
      -No leakage while thawing
      -Allows you to see the product quality and freshness


We do not feed, implant or inject growth hormones.
We do not feed or inject antibiotics.
We do not feed any animal "by-products."
We do not force-feed grain.
We do not send our cattle to a feedlot for the last 90 days of their life.
We do not use preservatives, flavorings, solutions, colorings, additives, chemicals or fillers of any type in our meat cuts or ground beef.

Lean & healthy . . .
Longhorn beef

"Lean beef is good for you—and the key word is lean. A heart patient can eat steak every meal if it is in the right proportions. Longhorn meat on the average, contains 10 percent less saturated fat than that of other cattle. That puts lean Longhorn beef on par with skinned boneless white meat of chicken and that fact may come as a surprise to many dieticians."

Dr. Joseph Graham
Cardiovascular Surgeon
St. John's Medical Center, Joplin MI
(a Longhorn breeder himself)

"Red meat is really a treasure trove of nutrients, including protein, iron, vitamin B12, and more. One of the healthiest red meats is Longhorn beef, which is extremely low in fat."

Cliff Sheats,
Certified Clinical Nutritionist
and author of
"Lean Bodies, Total Fitness"
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